Everyone is so busy after the holidays and now I am catching my breath. I just wanted to update everyone!

Sita is just amazing. Right before Christmas, a private school in Akron named SCOPE contacted me and invited me to speak. Upon finding it would not be a long walk and a short program I decided to take Sita. I was promised around 22 students. kindergarten and first grade.

After mentioning Circle Tail the teacher told me that the students handmade some doggy treats and sold them. The profits would go to them. I was thrilled and off we went.

That dog was wonderful. Since it is so hard for her now with arthritis to get up and down I only had her show them a couple of things she does for me like picking up my keys and bumping me when someone knocks. I talked about what service dogs do and specifically the training at Circle Tail. I then had her lie on the floor and every single child go to go through and pet her. And there were more than 22 kids but that is OK! Teachers were peeking in too! She was so patient and good. The kids mentioned how soft she was. They had many good questions!

When we were done the teacher told me they had collected over 100 dollars and sent the money to Circle Tail., I was surprised but they worked hard at it. I also left my first book – Here to Bump and Bump to Hear with the classroom.I also thanked the phenomenal teacher who organized everything.

So because of my beautiful dog, Circle Tail got a much needed donation right before Christmas and the children learned the pleasure of giving.

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