Hello Everyone!

Here is the fifth reflection from my church E-news. I think every day is getting harder and harder for each one of us.

I included a picture of the book I wrote as a devotional which includes all the lessons that Sita taught me on our journey together.

I hope this helps and stays safe and well everyone!

Jane’s Reflection Number Five
Turning Inward

When the pandemic first started sweeping the country, I initially was upset, since I had to cancel five social appointments in one week! My sister laughingly calls me a “person of the streets,” meaning that I love to go out and about like the people in Spain, who socialize every evening and have their tapas.

Then, I got a message from my Reiki instructor and dear friend that she was canceling our appointment for safety reasons. Her next comment was one that made me think – she advised me to use this time to “turn inward.”

I thought about that and it was wonderful advice. Instead of going out every day with different people and visiting, this was a time for me to reflect, to draw strength from within, and to separate what was important and not important. The Psalms tell us this repeatedly, with the most famous one quote to “Be still, and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10).

Luke 4, Verses 1 – 13 describes the difficult journey Jesus endured when he went into the wilderness for forty days by himself, fasting the entire time. Luke 5:16 states,” But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.” (NIV) Jesus also did not have social media or technology! We can learn a great deal from Him.

This is not easy to do. I have to live with myself 24/7. Sometimes I do not like myself very much because no one knows my flaws better than I do. I cannot rely on going out with other people and discussing ideas. Somehow the phone and texting do not replace the face to face, even on Zoom.

But I have been forced to rely on myself and to turn inward, looking for strength and guidance on my own. I cherish the time to reflect and read. I enjoy pondering over devotionals. I have fun sitting outside and talking to my neighbors from a safe distance. I watch Governor DeWine in the afternoon, which is amazing for someone who rarely watches any television during the day. If I want to sit down and read the paper in the middle of the afternoon I do it! I am corresponding with friends I have not contacted for years. Now I follow the church services online, while the highlight of my week is the Zoom coffee hours we have afterward where I get to see their faces.

I have more time for writing. By turning inward, I discovered I have more time for ideas. I get things are done around the house I did not have time for previously to the pandemic.

I miss my pre-pandemic life desperately. I do want it back, and I think most of us do. However, we have learned to live with ourselves, be alone, reflect on our good fortune, and to follow the wise writers of the Psalms to “be still.” I am convinced after this pandemic is over; we will not forget these lessons for they have been how we survived, just like Jesus did thousands of years before us.

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